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A Complete List of Features in iMagz Theme
A Complete List of Features in iMagz Theme try to make a template that has full features and is easy to use, after a fairly time-consuming development this template is finally finished and you can use, we added some standard features and also new features for this template, one of the most important is the landing page with ease use. The code in this template is also updated and arranged as neatly as possible to make it easier for you to edit the source code.

This template comes with 2 versions: iMagz + Landing Page, and iMagz Standard. The only difference is that we removed the landing page in the standard version for those of you who don't need the landing page.


With proper optimization, this template can be loaded in less than 1 second (at standard connection speeds in Indonesia), we have also checked the loading speed index, SEO, and accessibility of this template, the results of which you can see in the image below:

iMagz performanceTried on: February 15, 2021

Note:Tests are carried out on demo blogs that do not have adsense adsinstalled or other ad providers, test results may differ on blogs that haveadsense installed


We moved some important features to the Blogger Layout menu including the landing page so that users don't have to bother editing the HTML code of this template to make minor changes.

Although not all (there are some features that cannot be moved to Layout) but at least it has made it easier for users to use this template. Including the addition of custom CSS which can now be directly via the Layout menu.


This template is also equipped with CSS variables for writing colors, all color codes are grouped in one place, now you don't have to bother to change colors and the good news is you can change them directly through the Blogger Theme Designer (Blogger > Themes > Customize).

Landing Page

There are about 10 landing page layouts that you can use and will be addedperiodically in the next update, all landing page layouts can be edited viathe Blogger Layout menu.

You can change the order of the widgets as easily as. drag and drop the blogger widget, you can also place it at the bottom before the footer.

Not only on the home page, you can also use this landing page on post pagesand static pages, perfect for those of you who want to sell products ontheir own website.

Custom Pages

This template has several custom pages, not only the homepage or standardpages of Blogger, but also several pages with different views.

Blog Page.

The standard homepage and index (search, label) templates have the samelayout, here we apply a different layout to make your blog look moreprofessional.

The home page and the blog page are separated including the label pagewhich has a different layout as if the main page is separate from the blogpage.

Portfolio Page.

For those of you who have works or products for sale, we also provide  different portfolio pages with layouts on standard pages. Its use is also easy, just add a certain label to your post. If you have coding skills you may be able to edit the appearance of this  page to your liking.

Fullread Page.

This feature is adapted from the blog where the sidebar columnis removed and instead the empty space is used as a resting place so thatthe blog readers' eyes don't get tired quickly.

From the blog owner's perspective, it may be unfortunate that the sidebar  which can be a slot for placing ads is removed. But in terms of .user experience, this concept is very friendly to users or blog visitors, no wonderbig blogs like and use this concept.

Tabs Post

This feature can be used to divide articles into several parts with theconcept of tabs, for example you can apply this feature to alternativelanguages of the articles you write.

Split Post

Just like tabs post, this feature also divides the article into several  parts, the difference is that to read the continuation of the article the  user must go to the second page and so on from the post. .This concept is widely used by WordPress-based blogs, for example the web  tribune also uses features like this.

The only drawback of this feature is that there is no 'All-page' button toread the entire article without being truncated.

Ad Slots

We have also provided slots for ready-made ad placements, all you need todo is add the ad unit code in the space provided.

The ad slots that we have provided include.

  1. Sticky ad in sidebar.
  2. In-feed ad on blog page (2 ads).
  3. Anchor ad that will appear at the bottom of the blog when accessed via  mobile.
  4. Top and Bottom article.
  5. In-article or middle article ad (2 ads).
  6. Mathced content ad (related ad).

Standard Features

Dark Mode

In the current blog design trend, the dark mode feature is like a must onevery blog, we also added this feature to the template and not only that,you can change the color of the dark mode through the Blogger ThemeDesigner.

Load More Button

The load more button acts as a replacement for the standard blogger blognavigation button, its function is to load more articles without openinganother page.

In Article Features

On the article page we also add several other features including.

  1. Last Update Date
    The first part is the article calendar format which will automatically  change according to the last date the article was updated, this will be  very useful to notify the user that the article he is reading is always  updated.
  2. Reading Time
    Function to calculate the length of time reading an article based on the  number of paragraphs, with this feature the user can estimate how long it  will take to finish reading the article.
  3. Writing Style
    To support the typography of the article, we added several features with  an attractive appearance, you can . see all examples of how it looks here , here is the complete list:
    •     Image with Caption  
    •     Image with Grid Layout  
    •     Image with Scroll Layout  
    •     Manual Related Posts  
    •     Post Break  
    •     Paragraph with Text Indent  
    •     Paragraph with Drop cap  
    •     Blockquote  
    •     Table  
    •     Manual Table of Content  
    •     Semi Automatic Table of Content  
    •     Syntax Highlighter  
    •     Show Hide Button  
    •     Accordion Menu  
    •     Note Block  
    •     External Link  
    •     Button Link  
    •     Download Link  
    •     Lazy Youtube  
    •     Post Reference  
  4. Share Button
  5. Author Profile
  6. Related Posts
  7. Custom Blogger Comment
    Blogger comments on this template have been modified to make it look even more attractive, the changes we made include.
    •     Added show/hide comment button  
    •     Comment pop-up  
    •     Change the order of comments from oldest to newest  
    •     Added timeago.js on comment date  

Disqus and Facebook Comment

As an alternative to Blogger's default comments, we provide disqus andfacebook comments features that you can use easily.

Custom Widgets

Unlike the usual templates, we customize the widgets in this template tomake them look different, but due to the CSS code being too long, we limitthe available widgets to only a few, namely.

  1. Blog Navigation Widget.
  2. Popular Posts Widget.
  3. Label Widget.
  4. FollowByEmail Widget.
  5. Linklist Widget.


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